The Job that Changed Everything

It’s crazy how things don’t work out. It’s even crazier how they do.

I had just completed my bachelor’s degree in August 2017 and had high hopes of finding a job in my area of studies. I had seen a multitude of listings for employers looking for someone that had a Psychology degree and who wanted to focus on family relationships and childhood development. Bingo. That was me. I updated my resume and began applying to everything I could find so that I could begin a career. 16 applications, 0 interviews, and a multitude of emails later stating I was too inexperienced to be hired, I found myself working in the motorcycle and off-roading industry.

My time spent getting a degree seemed like a total waste. 4 years of stress, tears, lack of social life, lack of sleep and missed time with family and friends all for nothing. Don’t get me wrong. I really loved working in an industry centered on adventure and adrenaline.  It awarded me a lot of cool opportunities to work events out of town and meet some people who would become a big part of my life. The only problem was that the industry wasn’t my true passion and I knew I would eventually grow tired of it.

My role with the company brought a lot of stress and discontentment at times, so I found myself perusing the internet one day for job listings in hopes of finding anything remotely close to what I went to school for. I happened to come across a position to work as a Family Support Specialist with an Early Childhood Education Program and it was the last day to apply. With nothing to lose, I gathered all the necessary references and materials needed to complete an application and hit submit. I walked away from my computer fairly certain I wouldn’t hear anything back. I shouldn’t have allowed doubt to win over my mind so easily because my phone rang the very next day. Two days later I had an interview and a week later I was offered the position.

Three weeks after applying I found myself walking into a classroom full of 20 beautiful children with incredible stories to be heard. Many of these kids came from circumstances outside of their control that hindered their ability to make healthy attachments and to handle daily tasks without meltdowns that they had no clue how to prevent or stop. Some children couldn’t speak English and some simply didn’t want to speak at all. Other children thrived in the environment and absorbed all that was being taught by their teachers. Despite all of the challenges that this classroom consisted of; I found myself absolutely falling in love with these kids and their families. Knowing I could be a positive influence and support system for them fulfilled me in a way I didn’t know I longed to be fulfilled.
As weeks went on and I started finding my bearings I began spending some extra time in the classroom. The children loved when I would come in and would always be excited to show me what they were learning and projects they had made. I would be overwhelmed with the number of hugs and expressions of affection from all of the children, but there were two that always responded with a little extra sincerity and longing. For confidentiality sake, I will call them V and J.

V and J happened to be twin siblings. I could never go into or leave the classroom without them leaping or running to hug me and asking when I would come back. These two quickly became two of my closest little buddies and I quickly fell in love with their parents who I would learn were actually their grandparents. Little did I know that meeting and bonding to these loving, exciting, big personality siblings would be what started the journey to parenthood for my husband and I.  It'd just take a year for us to see it.