The Birth of Woman vs Womb

At the start of 2016, one of my biggest fears became my reality. I was diagnosed with infertility and I remember instantly feeling alone and ashamed. I felt as if I had failed at something I was originally designed to do; create life. In my attempts to try and understand my own emotions Woman vs Womb was born. I made it a personal mission to allow myself to be vulnerable so that even one woman might feel a little less alone as she battles something that isn't spoken of enough. If you are reading this and you've been left feeling alienated and damaged because of infertility, then this is for you.

I see you and I'm with you.

It is one of my greatest joys and privileges to walk through such a journey with so many strong women. While the journey is not one I ever anticipated enduring, I hold on to the hope that I will one day hold a miracle and call them my child. Until then, I stand in the belief that being a mother will happen for myself and the countless women whose heart and arms long to be filled with a child.

-Bri Olson