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One of my biggest fears became my reality when I was diagnosed with infertility. I remember instantly feeling ashamed and alone. I felt as if I had failed at something I was originally designed to do; create life.

Woman vs. Womb was born out of an attempt to understand my own emotions. What it became was a stage to empower and encourage woman struggling with infertility and an opportunity to reignite hope.

Fertility issues don't make you a failure. My desire is to encourage woman that they don't have to be alone in their struggle and that there is strength in their story. You don't have to suffer in silence.

I hope you find this as a place to connect with other women, share your experiences through comments and find comfort.

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I currently live in Richland, WA, where I'm raising my two foster sons with my husband. I hope sharing my experience with bring comfort and peace to those struggling with such a sensitive circumstance.

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This blog is a welcoming space for anyone who has struggled with infertility. You'll read posts about...

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If you have a special topic you'd like me to write about, leave a comment here or on Facebook. Our shared experiences have the power to bring us together and get us through the difficulties of infertility.